"Beautiful goal, oh… What a finish!" World renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold's track on the beautiful game suggests its popularity all over the world. Football has been growing tremendously in all parts of the globe. The television and internet provide us with the opportunity of catching the biggest games in Europe, South America or any other continent. Australian football has also developed by and large. Footy fans in the country are as passionate and enthusiastic as any other people. The fact that betting is legal down under makes it all the more interesting as fans are not shy to place bets on the teams they support.

Plenty of bettors down under, betting is legal – no wonder!

Regardless of what the sport is, Aussies love the idea of placing money on it with the hope of winning more. Betting on football is an activity taken to by millions of people. Whether it's the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Italian Serie A, the La Liga BBVA, the Barclays Premier League or the Australian Football League itself, the number of bets going in from this part of the world is crazy, to say the least. The ease with which you can place bets on the internet appeals to most fans and they don't hesitate to take the opportunity of potentially earning a few extra bucks.

Odds published by bookmakers are the basis on which most people place their bets. However, footy fans have a different angle. With the knowledge they possess, these odds are merely irrelevant. Watching games, week in, week out, and following the progress of teams and players helps them come up with their own odds. If you're new to sports betting and need some help getting started, a footy fan will be of great help. Since most fans are bettors, they will have good knowledge about the betting industry as well. They will also know some tricks to make more money than usual.

Because it's better late than never!

One trick most footy fans apply is getting their bets in late. Now take for example, a game between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC is being played at the MCG. Melbourne are favourites since they're playing at home and their odds of winning stand at 1.70. If you place a bet of $100 on Victory at the start of the match, you can win $70 over the course of 90 minutes. But if the game gets underway, time passes and the score is still level with 60 minutes on the clock, the odds change from 1.70 to say, 1.90. By getting your bet in at this point, you can earn $90 if the team from Melbourne win, which is of course, more than $70.

There are plenty of other tricks that can be used to help you win big. But the basics are what you must worry about first. If you're not a follower of football, betting on it may not be the best idea. You must watch the games and take notice of the players - their form, the teams – their results and other details. Taking assistance from footy fans will also definitely help your cause. If you haven't yet opened an account with an online agency, it might interest you to know that Bet365 offers a 100% deposit bonus bet up to $200. This means that you can place a bet of up to $200 and stand a chance of winning the whole amount. It's time you registered today! Remember, time waits for no man!